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It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to animals

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Let me introduce myself

My name is Jennifer

I have grown up partly in The Netherlands and partly in the Caribbean and now living my life in Ibiza with my husband, pigs, cows, chickens and dogs!

After moving to Ibiza, I felt it was the perfect moment to start a new business that is all about animals. Animal Service Ibiza was set up in the fall of 2021 with the aim to provide animal owners with professional care and services for their beloved furry friend.

A little bit more about me

My journey towards working with animals

So, how did I decided to work with animals?
Well, I took a detour before realizing what is my real passion. At only 21, I graduated in a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hotelschool The Hague. I knew it was a great study and I would have a bright future ahead but I could not help thinking that nature and animals were far more interesting then business management. I took my chances, applied at Wageningen University, got accepted, and a few years later I graduated with a Master in Environmental sciences.

From there on, I worked for nature conservation organizations and volunteered at several Animal shelters, the Animal Protection Agency as well as for the Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab.

In my last job, I spend two years working at Sealcentre Pieterburen, a world known hospital specialized in seals.

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the journey continues

be kind to all kinds

There is so so much to learn about animals especially about those that are still considered as livestock and less as companion animals. Thus, my aim is to never stop learning to be able to understand different species better and ultimately to provide the best possible animal care services.

To keep developing my skills and knowledge, I recently finished successfully my veterinarian assistant studies.
And my latest developments are in hoof care for (mini) pigs. Im trained to provide painless hoof care for pigs without sedation and with respect for the pig. Because pigs are awesome and they deserve the best like any other animal!

I look forward to meet you and your animal(s) and talk about the possibilities to create an animalmazing experience!

Furry greetings,

What services do I offer?

Personalized service in all 3 categories

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Trying to leave the world a little better than I found it

There are endless amazing organizations who give their all to rescue animals, nature and humans in need. Below are the organizations that I support financially. By supporting me, you indirectly are supporting them. I can do only so much but together we can really make a difference. Would you help one of these organizations or choose an own that touches your heart? Thank you!

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